ADW Hand Drawn Theme 1.7


ADWLauncher Hand Drawn Theme - Over 311 Sketched Apps Icons

This theme includes over 311 hand drawn app/game icons for everything from SuperUser to My Days and the system apps for Blur, Sense, and standard Android. If we've missed some must have apps/games or main system apps for your phone please contact us at this site and we'll update this theme.
For best results please use this theme in conjuction with the latest version of ADWLauncher or ADWLauncher EX on the market. This theme has been tested on the G1, Moment, Optimus, Evo Shift, Incredible, Epic, Droid, and Color Nook, although the theme is compatible with all Android phones whose OS is higher then 1.6(If you seeing this app in your market, your good!).
*For those having issues with the Custom Icon selection(where the icons were not visible), I've corrected this issue in version 1.6.


Last Updated:2011-09-18 23:20:12
File size:2MB
OS:Android 1.6 and up

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